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Lyrical Greeting Card Set
Lyrical Greeting Card Set
lyrik_kartenset.jpg The set of 16 lyrical greeting cards featured here is a special edition taken from the all-year cycle, which Renate von Charlottenburg, drawing day after day, created within the space of a year.
The themes, which deal with the inner life of the human being, reflect subtle and poetic scenes depicting psychically universal perceptions. These images, though known to all, now emerge into the light of day as absolutely new and as yet unseen in this simple form, reminiscent of Saint-Exupéry. The motifs reveal their evocative, lasting effect upon the receptive viewer, often at first glance!
10_postkarte_141_72dpi.jpg 11_postkarte_315_72dpi.jpg 12_postkarte_319_72dpi.jpg 13_postkarte_320_72dpi.jpg
14_postkarte_328_72dpi.jpg 6_postkarte_89_72dpi.jpg 16_postkarte_345_72dpi.jpg 1_postkarte_0.jpg
7_postkarte_119_72dpi.jpg 3_postkarte_20.jpg 4_postkarte_32.jpg 9_postkarte_135_72dpi.jpg
15_postkarte_320_72dpi.jpg 2_postkarte_17.jpg 8_postkarte_133_72dpi.jpg 5_postkarte_86.jpg
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