andino3.gifGermany's one and only magician-philosopher presents in his various programmes a harmonious mixture of philosophy and magic combined with audience participation. His performances can range in length from 20 to 120 minutes.

ANDINO offers his magical skills in performances designed to meet the unique needs of any specialised group or gathering, and enters into a dialogue with his public to encourage audience participation. Almost every audience is unique because a private family celebration or a company party demands a magic show different from that of a city festival or a fair. And an audience that makes a special visit to a theatre to see a magic show has still other different expectations...........

That Andino can interact with audiences of all sorts in every imaginable kind of setting with ease guarantees you the benefit of his more than 30 years of performing experience in more than 3000 gala shows of all sorts.

The necessary theoretical background furnishes a very intense philosophical, educational and psychological study. 

ANDINO is a kind of modern Socrates, who keeps his audiences not only astonished and laughing, but also lets them reflect on the performance and encourages them to join in the fun. Intelligent magical entertainment of the finest quality, and an ongoing interaction with his audiences are the trademarks of this artist.

Special programmes for children and families are part of his repertoire as well as gala performances and workshops. ANDINO's shows can be related to different productions or themes and can be presented under nearly all conditions.


Playing with ideas through illusions.
PHILOMAGIC is the concept of the new programme of magician-philosopher Andino. Philo stands for philosophy, associated already in the title with magic. Philo means ‘friend’, and Sophia means wisdom, so a philosopher is the friend of wisdom. PHILOMAGIC can therefore also be a friend of the magic arts, or mean the love for the art of illusion. Philosophical ideas interpret the art of illusion and lift it to a higher level. At the same time the art of friendly deception shows how interesting, exciting and amusing philosophical ideas can be if they are expressed in a magical way. Philosophy and magic complement and stimulate each other and combine in Andino’s art of Phillusion, finding their most satisfactory expression in his new programme PHILOMAGIC.

PHILOMAGIC for a whole Soiree.

During the first 45 minutes of this two hour entertainment Andino interprets his art of illusion by means of philosophical ideas. In doing this he opens our view on their deeper dimensions. The second part of the show is a magical history of philosophy in which by means of exciting magical tricks he presents and illustrates the ideas of famous philosophers in an understandable and amusing way. The arts of illusion and philosophy assume new and wider dimensions.


This shortened version comprises the introduction to the first part and the entire second part. Running just over one hour without an interval, this version is not only very well suited as a matinee but also for school events, bookshops or universities. Andino is always pleased to take questions from his audience afterwards.

PHILOMAGIC as an after-dinner show.

After dinner or possibly before dessert, Andino presents between 30 to 45 minutes at private parties, business dinners, congresses, boat trips or corporate events. Mostly the programme corresponds to the first part of the soiree version of PHILOMAGIC, which can be presented under almost all conditions. Philosophy will be adapted to suit the occasion and the audience, and Andino also enjoys tailoring his presentation around the any special theme of the event.

PHILOMAGIC for Children

Andino as a magician and as a philosopher has always had children at heart and financed the greater part of his studies in philosophy by performing his magic for youngsters. Now by PHILOMAGIC he wants to bring some philosophy into his highly succesful childrens' show, but this will not affect the magical amusement and the common experience of sharing magic tricks with his participating audience. During the show Andino will share questions and answers with his audience, such as what does a magician really do, can it be learned, is magic worldwide, what would Andino do himself if he were a real magician, and what does a philosopher actually do? By doing this and opening up the world of imagination and fascination he often manages the trick of turning adults back into children again.